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Are you finding a physio clinic in the western suburbs of Sydney? Feeling a little tender an awkward fall or hard class during sports this weekend? Might be you have pulled a muscle at work and now unable to perform better than before? What looks like a bit niggle today can transform into a dwelling pain tomorrow if not checked properly. If you are finding an experienced physiotherapist who manages a wider assortment of clients with different backgrounds, then look at Clinical physiotherapy Solution.

With advanced physiotherapy amenities in Newington and Burwood. These are the top choice of an array of athletes, persons, and professionals. We work in our areas and clinics effectively. With injured clients includes the Cronulla sharks and Sydney Olympiad athletes come to us. We offer complete services while considering your pain. The pain is first consulted and checked before offering any treatment.


We have evolved with time. Our focus was maintained, and the assessment was skilled. Treatment and diagnosis were on point as well. The adapted approach, advanced techniques, literature review suggestions, and patience gives us the privilege of a top-notch clinic. Effective care is shown for effective results. In CPS, the current care, pieces of evidence, problem-solving, gentleness is assured.

The clinics are based in different cities and are working as an outreach clinic. The staff is professional and mannered enough that you will feel like home there. We have experience of years and trust of our customers. All the advanced techniques are merged with technology to give a better result to the treatment.

Your Expectations

When you will come to our staff we will immediately start working on your injury. Our highly experienced team will consider your problem. We will make you feel like home while providing you facilities, tapping the soft tissues, massages and after that, the required treatment will be processed. We have an experienced staff at our physiology clinic who has breadth knowledge and we’ll aware of the demands and try to give you the best results. Our physio clinic in Ashfield are equipped with the latest technology to address your pain. You will be feeling better shortly after getting in touch with us.

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We proudly connect all the dots to maximize recovery to reach the goal. Both the clinics are Newington and other located in Burwood offers maximum consult period for the clients. You are briefly told about the know-how of the treatment. There is an expert diagnosis with the help of educated staff who dig into your injury and tries to find the best possible solutions.

Schedule a meeting today and ease your pain. Let the team help you for finding a cure.

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