Facts About Multiple Sclerosis

I am sure many of you must have heard about this disease known as multiple sclerosis where a person is facing several issues specially related to their nervous system and the way changes occur in the way these nerves work. This is a serious issue and a problem which has no cure however, as serious as it may seem, there are various cases where brining in healthy lifestyle changes can be beneficial for people suffering through this problem. Let’s find out some of the facts which probably aren’t known by a lot of people about multiple sclerosis.

Unknown Cause

Most doctors and scientists believe that multiple sclerosis MRI is a disease which is auto immune and occurs when the healthy immune system of a person is attacked. When this particular element in the body known as the myelin is attacked, that is when MS problem occurs which causes a communication issue between the brain and the rest of the body. Even though there is no specific cause of this disease, there are certain factors that may be a triggering element of this diseases’ such as;


Family problem of such a disease


Age group of 20 to 40

 Various Symptoms

While there is no specific cause of this disease to occur in a human body, there certain symptoms that may be evident in a person going through such a problem. However, what’s interesting here is the fact that various symptoms may occur that show that a person is going through MS incontinence and even though there are symptoms reflecting, they all may vary from person to person. Every individual may have a different symptom being faced but the end result may be the same i.e. MS. Some of the common symptoms of multiple sclerosis are;



Unable to remember things

Blurred vision

Balance issues

Pain, numbness and tingling


There are various symptoms involved in this disease which makes the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis difficult which means any doctor would take their own time for reaching to a conclusion whether MS is there or not. Every professional doctor will ensure to conduct a thorough medical examination and review the medical history before finally deciding and diagnosing the problem. Some of the common tests that may be included to discover what the problem is and whether there is MS or not may be the following;

Blood tests

Lumbar puncture

MRI scans

Evoked potential test

If you face any weird symptoms in yourself or face any different body changes then it is highly recommended that you opt for a physical checkup with the doctor to see if there is any such problem in you or not.

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